Double Coats / Deshedding


Perfect for those short coats that shed (like Pugs, Labs, French Bulldogs, etc). The rubber heads grip and remove all those dead and loose hairs.

Zoom Groom

This tool is ideal for long double coats (like Retrievers, Pyrenees, Huskies, etc). This tool will aid in removing undercoat without damaging top coat.

Deshedding Rake

If you have a longer coated shedding breed, you will need a long, firm-pinned slicker brush. This is especially important for breeds with furnishings such as Golden Retrievers, Setters, and Newfoundlands.

Long-pin Slicker Brush

This tool is specific to terriers and sporting breeds. This tool aids in removing dead coat without damaging or cutting any gaurd hairs. **ask your groomer if you are unsure about which tool to use for your dogs coat

Deshedding Tool


Poodle, Doodle & Curly Coats

long comb.png

The long pins on this slicker brush are ideal for long, curly or double coats. Although long, these pins are soft and will not hurt your dog. This is THE tool you need for maintaining these coat types at home.

Long-pin Slicker Brush

This shorter pinned slicker brush has a slight bend at the ends of the tines making it more effective for brushing and detangling. The shorter pins are great for coats that are kept shorter or for fluffing up the longer coats in drying.

Short-pin Slicker Brush

An essential for nearly every breed. The comb is used after brushing to check for any tangles left behind. Will also aid in removing any undercoat or dead hair from the coat.

Steel Comb

Anyone who brushes their dog needs a conditioning or detangling spray. In order to prevent any breakage, the coat should be sprayed before and during brushing.

Conditioning Spray


Long & Drop Coats


A pin brush (rather than a slicker brush) will minimize damage to your dog's long or drop coat. These pins are specifically designed to be gentle while still reaching right down to the skin.

Pin Brush

This Condtioner is the key to maintaining long coat. Use it on dry hair to protect and repair, or as a deep conditioning treatment in the bath. You can also put a small amount in a spray bottle to mix with water to keep the coat silky and strong.

Deep Condtioning Treatment

To preserve hair, specifically top knots, on long or full coated dogs.  **if you are planning on showing your dog, please ask your groomer for specific recommendations for bands and wraps

Grooming bands

For parting coat as well as to be used in assisting in banding and wraping long coat.

Steel Rat Tail Comb


Bathing & Drying


Sprayer attachment which allows you to spray shampoo into the coat with the water with various pressure and spray settings. Ideal for large dogs or dogs with lots of coat. Cuts your bathing time in half!

Shampoo Sprayer

Unlimited uses for this towel. No need to wash between uses. Simply wring out the water and use again. Also use as a cooling towel in the summer or as a warm towel in the winter.

Absorber Towel

Gentle compression reduces noise and has a swaddling effect that calms and comforts your dog. Great for use while blow drying to protect your dog's sensative ears.

Happy Hoodie

Variable speed dryer with on and off heat settings. Perfect for large or long coated breeds you want to maintain at home or in between professional grooms. Powerful for such a small and cost affective dryer.

Velocity Dryer